Two-Factor Authentication

Double is Strong

Two-factor authentication via SMS for easy, unequivocal user identification – easily integrated into your application and available all over the world.

Two-Factor Authentication as a Service

Sophos 2FA provides two-factor authentication (2FA) via SMS with easy-to-integrate APIs, making it possible for application developers and operators of cloud-based customer portals of every size and industry to protect their products and services against misuse and unauthorised access.

Whether you are planning the global roll-out of a consumer portal or a highly specialised B2B application for a SMB: Sophos FA has the right interface for any application and for businesses of any size – at a great price.

Two-factor authentication via SMS offers several advantages over other multi-factor authentication methods: No need to install and additional app on the user’s smartphone for one-time password generation, or to use a costly hardware token. Contrary to authentication e-mails, an SMS reaches users immediately and exclusively on that user’s personal mobile phone. Furthermore, a successful delivery is signalled immediately, thereby reducing the requisite media disruption to a minimum.


  • Additional step for all kind of log-in procedures
  • Secure proof of identity in on-line portals like online shops, mailing services, filesharing, social media
  • Authentication in B2B-applications like CRM and ERP-systems
  • Mobile Tan (mTAN)
  • Carsharing
  • Authentication for Public Hotspots
  • Business Critical Services

The Sophos 2FA Principle

Connection to the Sophos MCS Cloud Platform is established over an easy-to-implement encrypted web interface. Our customers can decide between two product variaties:


The authenticating application only needs to provide a unique PIN and the mobile phone number corresponding to the recipient. Sophos 2FA takes care of the rest: a message, including the one-time PIN is generated based on the stored routing entries, and then reliably delivered anywhere in the world at an affordable price.

2FA Advanced 

The latest product of Sophos MCS automatically produces and varifies a PIN number, which can be used e. g. in on-line portals like online shops, mailing services, filesharing, social media and many more. All other functions are similar to 2 FA.

Please decide on your own if you want to generate your own PIN numbers, otherwise we will do this job for you. 2FA and 2FA Advanced can easily both be integrated in almost every kind of application.

Feature Overview

  • Transmission of 2FA messages to all national and international networks
  • Specific routing tables for each country allowing for easy localisation
  • Easy-to-integrate interface with test mode for manual testing
  • Transmission of unicode SMS (China, Russia, Japan,…)
  • Detailed reporting on transmission status
  • Individual US short codes for transmission to North America
  • Registered telecommunications provider
  • Highly available cloud service, hosted in Germany
  • Easy-to-use web interface, configurable in any browser

Country-Specific SMS Transmission

Pre-configured routing tables with a high degree of customisation options make it possible to send messages that are individualised based on the recipient’s country code. 2FA SMS can be given dynamic parameters with a unique originator number and notification text. This not only meets the legal requirements specific to a country, it also demonstrates customer proximity by sending localised text messages with a sender number from the corresponding region. The list of country-specific long numbers is growing constantly, guaranteeing unambiguos transparency and reachability on a global scale.

Dashboard and Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting with dashboard functionality provides a transparent overview for the delivery status of each individual SMS. Daily, weekly and monthly statistics broken down by mobile network, user, recipient and campaign deliver the information needed for measuring your campaign’s success and evidencing the delivery of individual messages.