SMS Professional

Short and Simple

SMS Professional for rapid, reliable transmission of your business messages – Implemented into your own applications, or sent via e-mail or web browser.

SMS as a Component of Your Corporate Communication

Sophos SMS Professional offers companies of all sizes and sectors the capacity to send and receive text messages from applications, via e-mail and from any web browser in a reliable and affordable manner, all over the world.

It doesn’t matter if an individual user wants to send a single text message from an e-mail programme or if your company’s marketing department wants to send hundreds of thousands of them on a regular basis from its own CRM application – SMS Professional has the right interfaces and affordable tariffs for all company sizes and applications.

When compared to IP-based messaging services, text messages are particularly favourable when it comes to communication with business customers. With the right service quality, a text message will almost always reach its recipient, even under the most adverse circumstances – such as when coverage is poor or a recipient’s data service is disabled when travelling abroad. At the same time, message data are subject to the level of protection specified in the German Telecommunications Act and the German Data Protection Act.


  • Bulk text messages for marketing measures
  • Prompt distribution of up-to-date information to groups and organisations
  • Retail: pick-up notifications for customers
  • Two-factor authentication for online portals
  • Steering of customer service representatives and technicians
  • Logistics companies & forwarding agencies
  • Security applications
  • M2M communication (Automotive, machine control)
  • Banking and finance: mTAN (mobile TAN)
  • Rescue services and emergency call functions
  • Registration information for public Wi-Fi hot spots

The SMS Professional Principle

Link to customer network is established with secure, authenticated access via IPsec, SSL or leased lines. The text message is transmitted either from an easy-to-use web interface or integrated individual applications. Messages are sent to Sophos MCS Cloud Platform, and then forwarded all over the world in an affordable and reliable manner based on dynamically defined routing rules.

Feature Overview

  • Sending and receiving in all national and international networks
  • Registered telecommunications provider
  • Text messages sent and received via e-mail, web browser or interfaces
  • Concatened SMS (over 1000 characters), binary (M2M), unicode (China, Russia, Japan)
  • Highly detailed reporting on transmission states
  • Reception via short codes and full numbers
  • High-availability cloud service, hosted in Germany
  • Easy-to-use web interface, configurable in every browser

Integration in Company Processes

Variable interfaces permit simple, perfect integration in specific customer applications like CRMs, ERPs and groupware systems, as well as in-house notification solutions, communication platforms and business process management applications. Thanks to the high number of technologies and protocols supported (SMTP, https, SOAP, XML, UCP,…) the depth and scope of integration into company processes is solely dependent upon the requirements in the specific application.

Dashboard and Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting with dashboard feature provides a transparent overview for the delivery status of each individual message transmission, as well as the status of entire message campaigns. Daily, weekly and monthly statistics broken down by mobile networks, users, recipients and campaigns deliver the information needed for measuring your campaign’s success and evidencing the delivery of individual messages.