Product Overview

Secure. Mobile. Simple

SMS new defined: We integrate SMS into your corporate and process communication – fast, reliable and simple.

Product Overview

Sophos MCS has more than 20 years of experience in developing mobile communication products and offers its customers secure Mobile Communication and IT-Security Services.

Current products are the much discussed two-factor authentication for mission-critical online services which adds an extra step to your basic log-in procedure, SMS Professional for single or mass-SMS shipping and Location Based Services (LBS), the GSM-based localization for mobile devices. All products are customizable to meet legal customer-specific requirements.

The advantage of communication via SMS in a corporate context is obvious: a SMS reaches its recipient almost always – even with poor network quality or deactivated data reception e.g. abroad. Furthermore, the data are subject to the protection of the German data protection and telecommunication law.

Sophos MCS Cloud Plattform

  • High available solutions and services for companies
  • High available data center operations by authorized employees only
  • Registered telecommunications service provider (at German Federal Network Agency)
  • Average availability in the last 5 years >99.9 %
  • Secure, authenticated access per IPsec, SSL or leased line
  • Easily understandable interfaces for manual use
  • Universally usable interfaces for automated use
  • Custom interfaces and access
  • Secure and high quality connections to all national and international GSM networks
  • Connections to different international mobile number databases for determination of the mobiles home network
  • “Hosted in Germany”