LBS Professional

Know the Whereabouts

Uncomplicated geo-location of mobile phones based on GSM with LBS Professonal  – at any time – reliable – for professional usage.

To Guard Your Precious

The product LBS Professional (Location Based Services) enables the usage of modern mobile phone locating via GSM through professional application interfaces. Thereby all functionalities can be integrated in the customer application. As far as the mobile phone is registered to the mobile network, its position can be determined via GSM radio cells locating, independently of the type and the operating system of the mobile phone.
LBS professional offers flexible interfaces for professional mobile phone and GSM – modem locating in the context of m2m-applications, which enables companies to integrate location based services into their applications easily – of course under warranty of the highest safety standards and German data privacy regulations. At the same time our services are also characterized by a high degree of availability and quality.


  • Logistic companies & forwarding agencies
  • technical support control or service technicians
  • Security applications
  • M2M communication
  • Mobile time registration with location information
  • Locating of construction machines
  • Locating via web portal
  • Personal security
  • Emergency locator
  • Professional phone tracking

Key Features

  • Localization of mobile terminals of the German network operators Telekom, Vodafone and O2 via GSM cell localization
  • Secure authenticated access per IPsec, SSL or leased line
  • Easily understandable interfaces for automated use or use of web portals
  • Interfaces for easy integration of position queries in existing applications (HTTPS)
  • Indication of position data in longitude and latitude
  • Additional information on accuracy, time stamp of the position
  • Simultaneous localization of different terminals (e.g. for disposition)

Integration in MCS Web Suite

MCS Web Suite is part of the product LBS Professional and enables online access to our LBS services from any location. In addition the scope includes the possibility to locate mobile subscribers on request or in regular intervals via GSM and represent the position on Google Maps. Also a clear phone book function to store and use of your frequently used mobile contacts belongs to the MCS Web Suite. Using the statistics module you get information on all location requests in single, day, week and month overviews.